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7 Things You Should Be Testing & Tracking

Testing & TrackingIf you’re building website to make money on the internet you need to make sure you’re tracking your results. This lets you test different options and tweak things to make more money from the same site. In this article we’re going to look at seven things you should be testing on your sites.

1. Copy

“Copy” covers a lot of things:

– Headlines/titles
– Content
– Presells

Basically, the content of the pages on your website. This might be sales copy in the case of a sales page or it might be the presell copy on a review website.

It might even be the article content that surrounds the Adsense ads on your site.

2. Graphics

You can test adding images to your pages, including product shots, images related to the topic of an article or even “highlight” images like arrows and other doodles.

3. Calls To Action

A call to action is anything that tells the visitor what action you want them to take:

– Click here to purchase
– Enter your name and email address
– Click the “Like” button

You should be testing the content of these calls to action – the wording, the colors, the font, etc.

4. Colors

Color is another thing that can have a major impact on your results. You should test the color of your headline fonts, the website background and even items like bullet graphics or other highlight images.

Even the color of the standard content font is something that you can test. Just keep in mind that a dark font on a light background is usually the most effective and easiest to read.

Testing & Tracking5. Ad Placements

If you’re building Adsense sites or you’re including other types of ads on your page you should be testing different sizes and placements. Adsense, for example, gives you a number of different sizes and styles of ads.

Test different options to see if one gets more clicks than another. You can also try things like having the ads flush left or flush right on the page. There’s no single “best” layout so you should always test this yourself.

6. Page Layout

Testing different page layouts, whether WordPress themes or static HTML templates, is another good way to improve your results. This is easier to do with WordPress-based sites because it’s simply a matter of changing the theme setting, but you can do it with static templates as well.

You can test different page widths, layouts, color schemes and various other factors when you compare different page layouts.

7. Video, Audio & Other Media

Video, audio and other types of media can help make your site “stickier.” In other words, it can make your visitors stay on your site longer.

Test different types of media on your site to see if it has any effect on the actions people take.

To your success

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